INDONESIA The United Liberation Movement for West Papua -ULMWP

REPORT; Ibrahim From GHana >>>>>> ULMWP challenges Peter O’Neill to negotiate justly for West Papua. The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) looks forward to a positive progress from the recent Pacific Forum leaders’ decision on West Papua, with much hope in the...
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Accra floods: 95 including girl, 1, confirmed dead in Station Fire.

News Reporter: Ibrahim; From Ghana Africa. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> About 95 dead bodies including a girl believed to be one-year-old have been retrieved at the Goil Fuel Station that caught fire during Wednesday’s torrential rains in Accra. The Ghana National Fire Service has confirmed that the...
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AFRICANS MUST UNITE; Read this news please, all African residents

Report Ibrahim Sambo from Ghana ; >> Blacks all over the world do not have a sense of oneness with mother Africa, the continental hope of the world! That is why blacks must have a sense of togetherness irrespective of the demographic barriers. That was the pan-african dream of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame...
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