Accra floods: 95 including girl, 1, confirmed dead in Station Fire.

News Reporter: Ibrahim; From Ghana Africa. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
About 95 dead bodies including a girl believed
to be one-year-old have been retrieved at the
Goil Fuel Station that caught fire during
Wednesday’s torrential rains in Accra.
The Ghana National Fire Service has confirmed
that the number of dead bodies could rise as
the salvage operation continues.
It is, however, unclear what sparked the
inferno at the Service Station behind the GCB
Towers and opposite the Vienna City night
Meanwhile, people helping the security
services in the rescue operation are telling
Starr News that about 96 charred bodies have
been found.
Starr News’ Asabea Akornor who is at the
scene reports that the police are still counting
and bringing out the victims from their
respective homes around the scene of the
The inferno followed hours of heavy downpour
in the capital that led to power outages in
several communities.
Accra is flooded following torrential rains that
continued for several hours.
Hundreds of workers in the capital were left
stranded at their work places as the heavy
downpour submerged the city.
Most of the principal streets in Accra were
flooded and rendered unmotorable as
commercial and private vehicles were trapped
in the deluge which was above waist level.
Most of the drivers parked their vehicles on
the inner and outer pavements to prevent their
vehicles from being carried away by the flood.
Tables, chairs and broken stalls of sellers
could be seen floating on the submerged
streets, especially on the Ring Road and
Nkrumah Circle.