AFRICANS MUST UNITE; Read this news please, all African residents

Report Ibrahim Sambo from Ghana ; >> Blacks all over the world do not have a sense of oneness with mother Africa, the continental hope of the world! That is why blacks must have a sense of togetherness irrespective of the demographic barriers. That was the pan-african dream of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah when he proclaimed: "...Africa must unite...!"

Yes, all blacks in the diaspora must align themselves with their roots here in Africa! Moreover, technological advancement has made it quite unnecessary for the political or economic unification of Africa, because we just need to have a sense of togetherness and act on it. However, the greatest barrier we must eliminate as blacks is egocentricity.

Also, Africa is plagued by neocolonialism and we must act in togetherness to fight this absolutely chronic problem! Why should blacks fight each other when neocolonialism is the greatest enemy of Africa? And all blacks must exhibit altruism in order to build an advanced continent for all blacks. #AfricaMustUniteNow

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