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The explosive birth of a celestial ‘Cow

A mysterious and tremendously bright astronomical object spotted last year was probably a massive star’s explosion. The immense flash, designated AT2018cow and nicknamed ‘the Cow’, appeared in the sky in 2018 and then faded from view over several months. The Cow belongs to a class of objects that...

Cleaning up China's dirty air would give solar energy a huge boost

Cleaning up China’s hazy skies would increase electricity generation from the country’s vast array of solar panels by 13 per cent and provide billions of dollars of extra revenue, according to a new analysis. China has more installed solar power capacity than any other country, at 170...

We need to start taking vaping seriously as a way to save lives

It’s an unprecedented turnaround. E-cigarettes, once painted as a new and sinister health risk, are now being promoted as a public health lifeline – in the UK, at least. Yet if we want to make the most of their potential, healthcare staff need to put aside their preconceptions and embrace them more...

UK is going backwards on climate change action, advisers warn

The UK is going backwards on preparing for the impacts of global warming and is failing to deliver adequate action to meet old climate targets, let alone its new ‘net zero’ one, government advisers have warned. In one of a pair of damning progress reports on government, the Committee on...

The scientific nutrition facts you really need to inform your diet

ONE morning a few months ago, I saw a headline that made my heart sink. It claimed that eggs can give you heart attacks. It wasn’t that I was about to eat eggs for breakfast. It was because, as a medical journalist, I knew friends and family would soon ask me what to make of this claim....