New investigative documentary called ‘Borderless’ exposes migrant crisis in Europe including Ireland

Canadian journalist Lauren Southern has released another investigative documentary into the migrant crisis facing Europe called ‘Borderless’ on YouTube but there are fears it will soon be censored.

This new documentary follows another that exposed the desperate plight faced by white farmers in South Africa called ‘Farmlands’.

The new project from Southern follows the migrant crisis that began after the so-called “Arab Spring” descended into a series of civil wars and foreign intervention that plunged the Middle East and North Africa into chaos.


The documentary is likely to be frowned upon by much of the media and certain European governments as well as the EU as it does not take a politically correct approach in its fact finding and analysis.

While the documentary shows the plight of migrants crossing into Europe it also exposes the horrific social consequences faced by countries such as Germany, who have welcomed millions of young men from the Middle East and beyond since 2015

The documentary interviews migrants in transit countries such as Greece and Turkey and seeks to unveil those who are pushing for open borders and their agenda as well as the people smugglers making millions off the human misery of forced mass migration.

Ireland also features prominently in the last 25 minutes of the documentary. Investigative journalist and recent MEP candidate Gemma O’Doherty discusses the demographic replacement of the indigenous Irish population which is likely to cause consternation amongst the government, media and leftists open border activists in the country.