Syrian rebels battle al- Qaeda-linked fighters in Aleppo

13.07.2013 16:12

Activists say Syrian rebels and fighters
from an al-Qaeda-linked group have
turned their guns on each other and are
fighting for control of a key checkpoint in
the northern city of Aleppo.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for
Human Rights says Saturday's clashes are
focused on the strategic checkpoint in
Aleppo's Bustan al-Qasr district.
The checkpoint is the only gateway
between rebel-held eastern districts and
the city's western areas, controlled by
President Bashar Assad's troops.
Earlier this week, al-Qaeda-linked militants
seized the checkpoint and closed it for
several days, cutting the flow of food
supplies to the city and triggering the
Residents angry over the blockade have
staged protests against the anti-Assad
forces as food prices soar in Aleppo at the
start of the Muslim Holy month of
At least 93,000 people have been killed in
Syria's conflict since it erupted in March
2011, according to a recent UN estimate.
Millions have been displaced.