Reflections: Reap what planting: Please read this story!

One morning a well dressed woman stood before a helpless man who slowly looked up... and I clearly look to the woman who seemed accustomed to the finer things in life. Her coat was new. It seemed that never had lost a meal in his life. His first thought was: "only wants to make fun of me, as so many others had done..."
"Please leave me alone!" growled the destitute... To his surprise, the woman followed opposite of the. She was smiling, his white teeth showed dazzling flashes.
"Are you hungry?" she asked. "No," he replied sarcastically. "I just came from dinner with the President... Now go."
Women smile became even more Grande.
Suddenly the man felt a soft hand under his arm. "What makes you, Madam?"-asked the angry man.
"I tell him to leave me in peace"!
Just at that moment a police officer approached.
"Do there is a problem, Madam?"-asked the officer...
"There is no problem here, official, replied the woman.."I'm just trying to help you so you stand... would help Me? The official scratched his head.
"Yes, the old John, has been a nuisance here in recent years.
Do you want with him?" I ask the official...
"Do you see the cafeteria there?" - she asked. "I'm going to give him something to eat and take out it of the cold for a little while."
"Do is crazy, Lady?" the helpless poor refused. "I don't want to go there! Then felt two strong hands gripping the arms and raised it.
"Let me go, I didn't..."
""We are old, this is a good opportunity for you,"the officer whisper you in your ear."
Finally, and with some difficulty, the woman and police officer led to the old Juan to the cafeteria and sat at a table in a corner of the cafeteria. It was almost noon, most of the people had already eaten and the food group was not yet...
The cafeteria manager came over and asked them. "What is happening here, officer?" "What is all this?
And this man is in trouble?"
"This lady brought him here to eat something," said the police.
"Oh no, here not!" the Manager answered angrily. "Having someone like this here is bad for my business!"
Old Juan smiled with few teeth. "Madam, told him. Now, if they will let me go?. I didn't want to come here from the beginning."
The woman approached the Manager of the cafeteria and smiled... "Lord, are you familiar with Hernández y Asociados?, the banking firm that is two streets?"
"Of course I do know them," replied the Manager impatiently. "They have their weekly meetings on one of my banquet halls".
"And a good amount of money with the food supply is gained in these weekly meetings?"
I ask the Lady...
"And that matter to you?
I, Sir, am Penélope Hernandez, President and owner of the company "."Oh pardon! said Manager...
The woman smiled again... "I thought that this could make a difference in their dealings."
Told the police that he was strongly contain a laugh. "It would take us a cup of coffee or perhaps a meal, official?" "No, thank you, Lady," replied the officer. "I'm in service."
"Do so, perhaps, a cup of coffee to take?"
"Yes, Ma'am. "That would be better".
The cafeteria manager turned on his heels and receiving an order. -"I'll bring the coffee to you immediately Mr officer" officer saw him move away. And think: "Has certainly put it in place", said.
"That was not my intention," said the Lady...
Believe it or not, I have a good reason for all of this.
It sat at the table across from her guest to dinner. She stared...
"John do you remember me?"
Old Juan look at his face, the face of it, with bleared eyes "I think yes - I say, me it makes family".
"Look John, maybe I'm a little more, but look at me well", said the Lady... "Perhaps I am more well-fed now... but when your worked here many years ago I came here once, and by that same door, died of hunger and cold."
Tears fell on her cheeks...
"Ma'am?" said the officer, I couldn't believe what it was witnessing, not even think that women could be hungry.
"I had just graduating from College in my village", the woman said. "I had come to the city in search of a job, but I couldn't find anything. With a voice broken women continued: but when there were me my last pennies and I had run my apartment.
I walked the streets, and was in February and was almost dead from hunger and cold. I saw this place and with a little chance that could get something to eat. "With tears in her eyes the woman continued chatting...
John I received with a smile. "Now I remember", said John. "I was behind the service counter. Approached and asked if he could work for something to eat." "I said that it was against company policy."
The woman continued... -Then, you made me the beef sandwich mas grande that he had seen never... gave me a cup of coffee, and I went to a corner to enjoy my meal. I was afraid of you meddle in problems. Then, when I looked and I saw put the price of food at the cash register, I knew then that everything would be fine "."So you started your own business?" The old John said.
"Yes, I found a job that evening.
I worked very hard, and I went up with the help of my father God.
Eventually I started my own business which, with God's help, flourished..." She opened her bag and pulled out a card. "When you are done here, I want to you go to make a visit to Mr Martínez. He is the director of my company's staff. I'll go talk to him and I'm sure to find something that you can do something in the office '. "
She smiled. "I think even I could give you a preview, just enough so that you can buy some clothes and get a place to live until you recover you." If you ever need anything, my door is always open for you John."
There were tears in the eyes of the elderly.
"How will I thank?, asked."Do not give me thank you", replied the woman. "God gives the glory. It brought me to you."
Outside the cafeteria, the officer and the woman stopped and before you go on your hand...
"Thank you for all your help, officer."
Said Ms. Hernández."
"On the contrary, said the official," "thank you. I saw a miracle today, something that I'll never forget. Y ... And thank you for the coffee. ".....
God bless you always and do not forget that when we throw bread on the waters, you never know when it will be returned to you... God is so great that it can cover all over the world with his love and at the same time so small to come into your heart.
When God takes you to the edge of the cliff, trust in him fully and let yourself be lead.
Only 1 of 2 things will happen, or he holds you when you fall, or you will teach to fly!
The power of a phrase! God is going to make a difference today and will put all in your favor.
God closes doors that no man can open and God opens doors than any man can close...
If you need God to open a door for you... Share this message.
And remember to be a blessing for other God has seen your fights, and says that you are coming to an end, a blessing is coming in your direction.