Mom sues pharmacy alleging morphine overdose killed her daughter

A Houston mother is suing a pharmacy
for $1 million, claiming that an overdose
of prescription medications killed her
Jadalyn Williams died in April of 2012
from a morphine overdose at the tender
age of six.
"I miss her.. She was full of life." said her
mother Simone Allen, wiping away tears.
The autopsy report said the cause of
death was morphine toxicity. Jadelyn had
been taking morphine sulfate for the pain
from her sickle cell anemia.
Her mom had been getting Jadelyn's
prescriptions filled at the Cullen Care
Pharmacy for the last five years. She and
her lawyers allege a prescription error,
and the autopsy report backs that up.
"The pathological findings clearly show
that it was an extremely high dose that
was given to Jadalyn, a 6-year-old girl that
could not survive after receiving that
dose." said her lawyer Mo Aziz.
Aziz says the dosage was 10 times higher
than it should have been.
These kind of mistakes do happen -- more
often than you might think.
According to the Institute of Medicine
over 4,000 people are injured daily
nationwide due to medication or
pharmacy errors. And in 2012, the same
year this happened, the Texas State Board
of Pharmacy closed 196 complaints of
pharmacy prescription error, specifically
the wrong dosage.