Justin Bieber Falls In Love With Colombia, Buys Mansion In Cartagena

Justin Bieber will soon be taking his antics
to South America on a more permanent
The singer has purchased a $2 million
mansion in Colombia.
According to Colombian media, Bieber’s
new crib is in the Caribbean coastal city
of Cartagena.
The star got to know the so-called "Heroic
City" last month during his visit and "he
fell in love."
“He came to Cartagena last month and fell
in love with the place, the people, the
climate and the mansion,” Alessandro
Potro, manager of the Italian real estate
firm Potro, told Colombia Reports .
Potro said the singer decided to buy a
home on the outskirts of the city for a
little more than $2 million.
The property has about 3,250 square feet
of floor space and seven rooms, as well as
a movie theater, four bathrooms and an
open-air swimming pool, among other
So far, Bieber has not said anything about
his most recent purchase but did say he
would be back in Colombia in October for
a concert.