Health officials warning of bad pomegranate seeds

20.09.2013 13:42

The Champaign-Urbana Public Health
District wants you to be on the lookout
for pomegranate seeds that have been
linked to an infectious disease.
The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention confirmed at least 127 people
across eight states have become sick from
Hepatitis A after eating certain brands of
frozen pomegranate seeds or a mixture
containing pomegranate seeds.
The pomegranate seeds are used in the
Townsend Farms and Harris Teeter
Organic Antioxidant Blends, as well as
Scenic Fruit Company.
There have been no reports of illnesses in
Champaign County, but stores in the area
do carry some of these brands.
The companies have recalled these
products, but the health district warns
you to see a doctor should you
experience symptoms of Hepatitis A. They
include fatigue, poor appetite, fever,
vomiting, darker urine and jaundice.