Chinese Hackers Access Advanced US Weapons Plans

The list of weapons breached
includes the most advanced fighter
plane we've ever invented.
A newly released version of the US
Defense Report lists dozens of
weapons that have been at least
partially compromised by hackers
in China. The list, first reported on
Monday by the Washington Post,
includes the stealth F-35 Joint
Strike Fighter aircraft program,
which is the most expensive and
advanced aircraft program in the
world as well as other dozens of
other major programs.
The report was issued by the
Defense Department's Defense
Science Board and it did not
directly accuse the Chinese of
stealing. Rather, the public version
of the report said:
"...[T]he cyber threat is serious
and... the United States cannot be
confident that our critical
Information Technology (IT)
systems will work under attack
from a sophisticated and well-
resourced opponent utilizing cyber
capabilities in combination with all
their military and intelligence
Another report in Australian media
claimed that Chinese hackers had
accessed plans for a new Australian
spy headquarters.
China has dismissed the claims as
without basis. Earlier in May, there
were new reports of Chinese
hacking, after the country was
initially called out in February.