Canadian Drug Mule Wearing Pregnant Belly Suit Caught with 2 kg of Cocaine

13.09.2013 18:13

authorities said they arrested a Canadian
woman at Bogota’s El Dorado
International Airport on Tuesday trying to
smuggle two kilograms of cocaine,
stashed under a fake pregnant belly prop,
out of the country.
Twenty-eight- year -old Ritchie Tabatha
Leah, a social worker, had entered the
country on August 6 fromToronto .
The woman was arrested after trying to
board a plane back to Toronto .
When asked how far along in her
pregnancy she was by an anti -narcotics
inspector, Leah responded seven months.
The inspector then touched the belly and
felt that it was cold and hard,
encouraging further inspection.
Upon inspection, two sealed cocaine
packages were found underneath the
latex belly prop tied to her back.
" TheNational Police through the
antinarcotics squad arrested a 28-year -
old Canadian citizen ,Ritchie Tabatha
Leah, who was trying to smuggle two
kilograms of cocaine from the El Dorado
international airport, ” said
Colonel Esteban Arias Melo, Deputy
Director of the Anti -Narcotics
Police department.
“ The Canadian citizen tried to fool public
security forces by faking a pregnancy ,” he
added .
According to officials, two kilograms of
cocaine could fetch up to $60 ,000 dollars
in Canada .
If convicted for drug trafficking, Leah
could face up to eight years in prison .
Ninety -four foreigners have been
arrested at international airport
terminals in Colombiatrying to smuggle
drugs since the start of 2013.