Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Headquarters Will Create 9,200 Construction Jobs

Apple’s new spaceship inspired
headquarters will take three years
to complete and will employee
9,200 construction workers.
Those statistics were provided in a
new 82-page economic impact
report that Apple unveiled on
spaceship campus is a huge
undertaking for Apple, and, when
completed, it will feature 2.8
million square feet of workable
The Apple headquarters economic
impact report was prepared
by Keyser Marston Associates, and
it details how jobs inside and
outside of Apple, Inc. will be
affected in Santa Clara County.
Apple plans to hire 7,000 new
employees by 2016 to help fill its
new office space. That would mean
Apple would employ a staff of
The company also claims that
41,000 jobs will be supported in
the county “through expenditures
by Apple and Apple employees.
Apple employees won’t be the only
way Santa Clara county will make
money. The new headquarters will
provide an additional $32 million
in property tax revenue each year.
Apple also plans to spend $66
million to help improve public
projects around the new spaceship
campus and the surrounding area.
Throw in an increasing in higher
end home sales, visitors from out
of town who come to the Apple
headquarters, and various other
variables, and you have change in
economics for the better in almost
any areas where such an
undertaking is employed.
The economic impact for Apple,
Santa Clara county, and all of its
residence appears to be positive.
Now Apple just needs to get the
new headquarters built.
Do you like the Apple spaceship
headquarters design, or should the
company have gone with a more
traditional approach when building
a major world headquarters for its
main base of operations?