UK Based Songstress Queen Sophy-Yah honoured at the Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture in London

Queen Sophy-Yah receiving her Certificate Of Excellence from HRM Igwe Ejiofor  Nigerian UK Based gospel songstress, Sophy-yah receives recognition award at IFAC (Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture) in London. 
The Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture UK is the most attended Igbo Festivals outside Africa. The highlights of     the event include exhibition of Igbo Cultural Dance and Drama, Masquerades, Traditional Dances, Traditional Artistes, Exhibition of Contemporary Igbo Arts, Conceptual Painting, Sculpture, Carving and Crafts and performances by different Igbo artist, groups and organisations. They will exhibit Igbo historical and traditional artefacts in splendour to the British Communities and friends of Africa. 

The festival is part of Igbo people in Europe annual cultural integration program, aimed at bringing together all Igbo People and other Africans in Diaspora to a festival that will take every individual through a journey back to the times of Igbo Civilizations. 
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