About Author >>>>>>
Tyetisha Jackson-Burroughs is a young author
in her twenties from New York City, who has
taking to writing to express her inner
thoughts and life experiences through her
stories she started out just journaling not
knowing her writings were taking shape into
a very compelling first book.
She`s always trying to inspiring other`s and
help in anyway she can. Tyetisha has a old
soul she has this wisdom about her such a
kind hearted sprit that can be felt even after
meeting her for the first time. She will do her
best to make sure no one she cares about
has to face the same hardships she has
already overcome. Tyetisha loves to read and
have a fun she has an outgoing personality
when not focused on writing. she has a very
grounded disposition that's infectious to all
she comes in contact with. You can always
see her smiling from a distance especially
when she in a good mood. She is a real down
to earth person to talk to she will never
judge you but you can count on her to give
you her honest opinion. After a few years of
debating and talking with friends and getting
a good support and encouragement she has
decided to take the leap and share her writings, she is finally ready to share with the world her memoirs and invite new friends
and feedback. Her book " Her Unwanted Child" is the first
of many to be released by the cheerful author. She was abandoned at 17. Now she is
using some of her books to creat a center where we can help kids
have a place to eat, sleep and shower safely. She having a hard time getting the word
out to the appropriate people.
Sure there are some people who would want to help pr donate, because this
cause is a great one but they don't know about so if there's anything you can do to help she thankful.
She hopes to make it big sharing and

doing thing she loves to do. This book is available on amazon by >>>>www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00YQG771O/ref=redir_mdp_mobile_fh/183-8709376-7671908?ie=UTF8&redirectFromSS=1&pc_redir=T1&noEncodingTag=1&fp=1>> You also can donate to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>www.gofundme.com/Herunwantedchild>> For more information contact Email >>>>>>>> tyetishaburroughs1@yahoo.com