Sylvester Stallone to host fans session in London

06.12.2013 20:53

Hollywood action star Sylvester
Stallone is offering fans the chance to
get up close and personal with him at
a one-off show in London next month.
An Evening with Sylvester Stallone will
see the 67-year-old discuss his life and
career at Westminster's Central Hall on
11 January.
"I have a big mix of wonderful stories
and colourful anecdotes," the star told
the Evening Standard.
Fans will also be able to put questions to
the Rocky and Rambo star.
Stallone said people he met usually
expected him to be uncommunicative,
like some of the characters he has played
in the past.
"When people meet me they're often
surprised - I talk a great deal," he said.
"I'm perceived to be this solitary
character but nothing could be further
from the truth.
"I consider myself something of a
raconteur. I have a rather audacious
sense of humour."
Stallone will be in the UK in January to
promote his next film, Grudge Match,
with Robert De Niro.
He follows in the footsteps of Oscar-
winner Al Pacino, who held a similar
Night With... event at the London
Palladium in June.