Single Mom’s Lottery Mistake Wins $14 Million

06.05.2013 20:47

A single mother of four sons in
California managed to turn a $1
mistake into a $14 million
lottery win.
Thuan Le, of Santa Ana, Calif.,
went to her local CVS last
Wednesday, as she does every
week, to purchase $4 worth of
Powerball tickets and a $1
SuperLotto Plus ticket. Instead of
depositing her usual $5 in the
machine, however, she
mistakenly placed $6, according
to California Lottery officials .
With the extra $1, Le purchased
an extra SuperLotto Plus ticket
that, the next day, turned her
into a multi-millionaire.
“We thought she was joking,” her
son told California Lottery
officials. “But we thought would
she really joke like this? My
older brother said, ‘Yes, she
Fortunately for Le’s four sons,
their mother was not joking.
After first “screaming,” when she
realized she had the matching
numbers, Le drove to the
California Lottery’s Santa Ana
District Office to claim her prize.
Le, whose name was released as
required by California law, chose
not to have her photo or other
information publicly released.
Attempts by to
reach her were not successful.
Le plans to use her winnings to,
“buy a house, travel, and visit
her parents in Vietnam,”
according to a lottery news
The CVS where she purchased her
ticket will receive a bonus of
$70,000, for selling the winning
ticket. A representative for CVS
also declined to comment.