Prince Charles becomes oldest heir for nearly 300 years

20.09.2013 13:29

The Prince of Wales will become the
oldest heir to the throne for almost
300 years on Friday.
Prince Charles will pass the current
record of William IV, who became king in
June 1830 aged 64 years, 10 months and
five days.
Prince Charles is already the longest
serving heir to the throne, becoming heir
apparent when his mother became
Queen in 1952.
The prince was just three years old when
his grandfather George VI died.
The previous oldest heir to the throne
was Sophia of Hanover who died aged 83
in 1714, a few months before Queen
Anne died.
A bill which ended succession to the
Crown based on gender became law
earlier this year.
Under the previous law, dating back to
1701, women were superseded by their
brothers in succession even if they were
the first born.
That change happened ahead of the birth
of Prince Charles' first grandchild, Prince
The son of the Duke and Duchess of
Cambridge became the third in line to
the throne when he was born in July.