Peru clashes over President Humala's civil service plan

Police in Peru have fired tear gas at
students and civil servants protesting
in the streets of the capital, Lima,
against new public sector legislation.
Riot police clashed with demonstrators
who attempted to approach the
presidential palace.
President Ollanta Humala has signed into
law a bill introducing annual
performance assessments for civil
servants and university lecturers.
Critics say the reforms will cost jobs and
compromise university autonomy.
President Humala says the new rules will
improve standards at universities and in
the civil service.
The legislation was approved on Tuesday
in Congress by 59 votes to 45, with three
abstentions, after months of debate.
Further legislation on the Peruvian civil
service is still to be voted by the
Mr Humala was elected in 2011 with a
left-wing agenda, but protesters say he
has betrayed the electorate.
"This government has refused to
negotiate with us. It has talked to
politicians, businessmen, but it has
treated the workers as second class
citizens," said the Peruvian Workers
Confederation (CTP) in a statement.
Protests were held in several other
Peruvian cities.