Mother Charged With Murder After 5- Year-Old Daughter Shoots Herself

25.06.2013 06:22

New Orleans Mother, Laderika Smith has
been charged with murder after her 5-year-
old daughter shot herself in the head.
Smith, 28, left her 5-year-old daughter home
alone, and when she returned found the girl
dead from a shot to the head.
According to ABC News , Smith was booked
Sunday on charges of second-degree murder,
after the girl was taken off life support hours
after her mother returned home to find the
girl dead.
Huffington Post reported that police say her
[Smith’s] negligence resulted in the death of
her daughter.
New Orleans Police spokeswoman Hilal
Williams said in a statement, “[Smith] locked
her daughter inside the residence for a short
period of time while she went to the store.”
During that time the girl had apparently
found a loaded .38-caliber revolver and
fatally shot herself.
Williams said, “Upon [Smith's] return, she
located the child lying on the bedroom floor
with a gunshot wound to the head. Smith did
confess to having a gun inside the home.”
“Lord help me, my child is dying,” one
neighbor heard the woman scream, according
to Louisiana newspaper The Advocate.
The report continued on to say that once a
medical crew arrived, the 5-year-old girl
emerged on a stretcher with a hole torn
through her forehead.
The 5-year-old was then taken to a nearby
hospital where she remained on life support
for several hours.
This is only one of several shootings that
involved children.
A 4-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed
his father in a friend’s home, in Arizona
earlier this month.
There was also the Juneteenth Shooting
where an 11-year-old boy was shot in the leg
by another 15-year-old.
According to ABC News Smith (pictured to
the left) has yet to be arraigned in court. She
remained jailed, authorities said, and they
did not believe she had retained a lawyer.