Melissa McCarthy Will Do Anything for a Laugh

05.07.2013 15:53

The Melissa McCarthy who showed up to the
Boston set of The Heat last summer with her
two young daughters in tow could have
passed for a friendly out-of-towner. Polite.
Unassuming, even.
"A sweet midwestern mom," as costar
Michael McDonald puts it. But then the
cameras starting rolling – and McCarthy
morphed into a "beast," says castmate Bill
The same woman who "doesn't even swear
in real life," notes Heat director Paul Feig,
"gets into character and suddenly the F-
words start pouring out."
Wildly uninhibited, profanely funny and
unafraid to use "everything in her toolbox,"
as Feig puts it, to get a laugh, McCarthy now
finds herself in that most exclusive of
showbiz stratospheres: an Oscar-nominated,
Emmy-winning superstar with a hit sitcom
(CBS's Mike & Molly) and a big-screen
summer smash ( The Heat, costarring Sandra
Bullock, which raked in $40 million during its
opening weekend).