It's a shark eat shark world, photo reveals

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
called Russia a “riddle, wrapped in a
mystery, inside an enigma.”
John Madden, the football announcer,
used the word “turduken” to describe a
chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed
inside a turkey.
Here’s an oceanic enigma: What’s the
word for a bait fish stuffed inside a
dogfish shark, stuffed inside a sand tiger
shark ( Carcharias taurus)?
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University of Delaware shark scientists
faced that question after a large sand tiger
shark completely swallowed a smooth
dogfish ( Mustelus canis ). The three-foot
dogfish, a type of shark, had itself
devoured the menhaden (Brevoortia sp.)
bait fish that the researchers had placed
on a fishing line.
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The marine version of matryoshka dolls
happened while researchers attempted to
recapture sharks that they had previously
tagged with radio transmitters in Delaware
Bay. The University of Delaware’s Ocean
Exploration, Remote Sensing,
Biogeography Lab tags and tracks the
tiger sharks to improve human
understanding of shark migration. Sharks
face intense threats to survival worldwide
and documenting shark movements may
improve conservation efforts.