Dog rescued from wrecked motor home after death- defying ride off the edge of NT lookout

Police say a 60-year-old New South
Welshman touring the Top End
arrived at the Timber Creek police
station last night to report that his
mobile home had rolled 100
metres down an escarpment.
Watch Commander Louise
Jorgensen says the man had
stopped to take a picture of the
sunset at the lookout and left the
dog inside the motor home with
the motor running.
"His dog was inside and he just
walked away from the motor
home, about 10 metres, to take the
photos," she said.
"Unfortunately, the only photos he
got were of his motor home
careering down the escarpment.
"He thought he left the handbrake
on but he may have been mistaken.
"The motor home came to rest
about 100 metres down the
The driver rescued the injured dog,
climbed back up the escarpment
and hitch-hiked to Timber Creek,
about 600 kilometres south of
The dog is recovering.
The vehicle was slightly damaged
and had to be towed out of the