Cocoa Beach being proactive on medical marijuana

While the State of Florida
considers legalizing medical marijuana, one
Brevard County community is taking a
proactive stand against the drug.
Cocoa Beach city leaders say they want to
maintain the city’s tourist, family friendly
image. So they want to be proactive, just in
case a new campaign to legalize medical
marijuana in Florida is eventually approved.
Tonight the city commission will look at
limiting the number of medical marijuana
clinics and locations, if they are eventually
permitted by the state.
Commissioner Skip Williams is behind this
effort. He says sooner rather than later-
medical marijuana will be allowed and he
wants to make sure Cocoa Beach is ready.
Orlando attorney John Morgan is leading the
cause to put medical marijuana up for a vote
on next year’s ballot, hoping it can help
those suffering from illnesses.
But Williams is concerned signs for weed and
pot on every city block would hurt Cocoa
Beach’s image.
Williams made it clear he doesn’t want an all-
out ban -like what the city did with gambling
establishments, he just wants marijuana
facilities out of sight from tourists visiting
the beach.