Canada-Argentina mine deal scrapped

05.07.2013 16:38

Argentina has scrapped a gold-mining
deal with Canadian firm Osisko, after
protests by environmental
The authorities in north-western La Rioja
province said they had not managed to
get the consent of the people for the
Osisko suspended work in February
because of the protests.
The deal was first announced in 2011,
but campaign groups including
Greenpeace backed local opposition to
the project.
The protesters said mining at the
Famatina mountain would require a
million litres of water a day.
They also expressed fears over the use of
cyanide to extract precious metals.
La Rioja's regional governor, Luis Beder
Herrera, said "constant episodes of
confrontation" had made it impossible to
start the project.
He said the cancellation would have
"serious social and economic
In an earlier statement, Osisko said it
would prepare a consultation
programme about the project.
The firm said it would not carry out any
work in the area if there was "no social
licence for exploration and