Boston bomber: Russia 'withheld details on Tamerlan Tsarnaev'

11.05.2013 16:55

Russia withheld "crucial"
information from the United States
on one of the suspects of last
month's deadly Boston Marathon
bombings, The Wall Street Journal
has reported.
Citing unnamed US officials, the
Journal said on its website that the
information consisted of text
messages between the mother of
Tamerlan Tsarnaev and a Russian
Tsarnaev died in a shoot-out days
after the April 15 twin blasts that
killed three people and wounded
more than 260 near the finish line
of the race.

Boston bombs: Tamerlan
Tsarnaev 'died from gunshot

His younger brother Dzhokhar – a
fellow suspect captured after an
extensive manhunt – is in custody.
US officials learned of the texts,
which the Journal said suggested
Tsarnaev was interested in joining
militant groups that Russia blames
for attacks in the Caucasus, a week
after the attacks.
The newspaper said one US official
characterised at least one of the
texts as "generally discussing jihad"
but with no specific mention of
terror plans.
US officials referred to these text
messages as the most important in
a series of missed signals between
the United States and Russia,
according to the report.
Several officials told the Journal
that the details would have caused
authorities to take a closer look at
After Russia alerted the Federal
Bureau of Investigation in 2011
about Tsarnaev, in part due to the
texts, the FBI requested more
information three times – but to no
avail, the Journal said.
In the end, it took a week after
Tsarnaev was identified for Moscow
to supply the FBI with information
about the texts.
The newspaper also reported that
during Tsarnaev's trip to Russia's
southern republic of Dagestan in
2012, security services there had
their eyes on him, with Dagestani
officials saying he tried to build
contacts with radical rebel groups
in the area and also met with an
Islamist fighter.
A US official told the Journal that
the Russians were still not
cooperating fully and had yet to
provide surveillance information
from Tsarnaev's trip.